Can Mold Grow in Carpet?

Mold can not grow on clean synthetic fibers but can easily grow on the dirt and debris that is found in unkempt carpets where high moisture levels are present. If the moisture level is not reversed, mold can spread. You may not realize it, but mold may presently be growing in and under your carpet at this very time.


How can I know if I have mold in my carpets?


You may Notice Musty Smells

Usually, the first indication you have mold is if you notice a musty odor when you walk into the room. Sometimes we grow accustomed to these smells if they have manifested over a period of time. So, if you have a friend or family member who visits and mentions this to you, you may want to take their word for it and take action immediately!


You May Have Dampness in Your Carpet


– From Leaky Doors and Windows

If you have a door or window that is not complete sealed from water leaks, there may be a slow infiltration of rain over a period of time. You may not even notice this is happening, but this is often a means by which mold and mildew grow in carpet. Mold starts to grow if moisture is left in a carpet beyond 24 hours. It is very possible for moisture to leak through cracks in doors or windows and not be noticed for days, weeks, or even months!


– From Ground Sources

Sometimes moisture can come from the ground if the carpet is at ground level, especially in basements. Heavy storms which cause flooding can introduce dirty water into carpet which can cause mold. This is usually (but not always) noticed immediately. Call a Water Restoration Company such as VOCE Cleaning!


– From Spilled Drinks

Believe it or not, if you spill a glass of water into your carpet and it’s not dried within 24 hours, this can cause mold too. Dry your carpet asap when you spill a drink on your carpet.


-From Old Carpet

Carpets that have outlived their life expectancy are more prone to mold growth since the dirt and debris have permeated beyond the backing more so than newer carpet. Once moisture is introduced, mold is more likely to grow.


You May Be Experiencing Allergies from Mold

If you or someone in your home has chronic allergies you may want to check for mold in your carpet. Those of us with mold sensitivities may go for long periods of time suffering from mold allergies without realizing the cause of the problem. If you or a loved one is suffering from allergies you may want to consider checking for mold.


You May Notice Visible Mold on the Surface

When mold has reached its advanced stages in the carpet you may notice the mold actually growing on the surface. It is usually black, sometimes green and has a fuzzy appearance.


How can I find mold in my carpet?

  1. You can purchase mold testing kits and place them around your house. The mold spores produce mold growth in the kits. The kit with the most mold in it is usually found in the room with the most mold growth. This may help you to narrow down where the problem is originating.
  2. You can purchase a moisture meter which will beep when the prongs touch a wet surface.  This is a sure-fire way to find moisture in your carpet.


What Should I do if I have Mold in My Carpet?

Since mold can not be cleaned off a 3D surface, a standard carpet cleaning in this case is not your best solution. The best thing to do is replace your carpet. There are DIY methods on the internet that claim to be able to treat mold on your own. I’ve read these methods and believe the likelihood (if implemented) would just make your situation worse. Even if you were to hire a professional to clean your carpets such as ALL CLEAN!, LLC, mold is not cleanable and will remain as a health issue. If new carpet is not in your budget, hiring a professional may be your best alternative at this time. He may not be able to mitigate the situation 100%, but with special chemicals can help until you are able to replace. Just keep in mind that as he cleans and sprays he is not treating the backing or padding, which very likely has mold in it as well. So the goal really should be to replace your carpet.


In Conclusion

Check that all your windows and doors are sealed properly as to prevent water infiltration. Keep your carpets as clean as possible by having them professionally cleaned on an annual basis. If you see, smell, or have reason to believe that you have mold in your carpet, act upon it immediately. Mold can be a serious health hazard, and if action is not taken, the situation can only get worse.

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