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I guarantee that no one does carpet cleaning in Bux / Mont. better.  Joseph C. Fries (Owner)

mom loving her kids on grey sectional sofa

Carpet Cleaning in Bux/Mont., PA

Have you ever hired a professional carpet cleaning company in Bux/Mont. and found that your carpets didn’t look much cleaner than BEFORE they were “cleaned”? Was your carpet wet for days? Did spots return?  If so, you’re not alone. Other homeowners in Bux/Mont. have had similar experiences before trying ALL CLEAN!, LLC.

Cleaner Carpets = Healthier Carpets

The fact is; carpets collect millions of microorganisms over the years, including dust mites and bacteria. It’s very important to keep your carpets cleaned on an annual basis. This is not only to protect your investment but to promote better health for you and your family. This is especially true if you have infants or toddlers crawling around on your carpets.

boy with his dog on clean carpet
Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery County, PA

Most Advanced Carpet Cleaning Service in Bux/Mont.

ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the industry’s most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning system in Bux/Mont. which will remove all these types of substances from deep within your carpet fibers. Our method of carpet steam cleaning will leave your carpet as clean and as fresh as they possibly can be. Plus, we inspect every square foot for the smallest of spots and stains, leaving you with the best-looking carpets possible.  You’ll get a very thorough and detailed cleaning when you hire us to clean your carpets in Bux/Mont., PA.

Family Owned and Operated

Hi! My name is Joe – owner of ALL CLEAN!, LLC – a family-owned and operated, professional carpet cleaning company. My goal over the past 16 years has been to exceed customer expectations with amazingly clean carpets. In fact, I can guarantee that if you hire us to clean your carpets, you will receive you’re DEEPEST, most thorough carpet cleaning EVER, or the cleaning is absolutely FREE! Please allow me to explain why I can make such a bold claim…

Choose Your Carpet Cleaning Company Wisely!

You see, there are often huge differences from one carpet cleaning company to another. Some carpet cleaners use portable machines similar to those you would rent from a store. They have low water temperature, low water pressure, and low suction power. The result… a very small amount of dirt is extracted from your carpet and your carpets remain wet for days.

Then there are those carpet cleaning companies who use an encapsulation machine that is designed for commercial glue-down carpets. These machines don’t remove the dirt from your carpet, they encapsulate the dirt to be removed at a later time by YOUR vacuum cleaner!


Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine
Encapsulation Method

Then there are those who are in such a hurry to make their “quota” for the day, that they’ll leave your carpets looking like they were never even cleaned! You may have experienced this with some of the larger franchises. Their focus is often on quantity rather than quality.

Stanley Steemer Type Van
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Owner Operator is Your Best Choice

My recommendation is to hire an owner operator for your carpet cleaning in Bux/Mont. As an owner operator he’ll take the time to do the job right because he takes pride in his cleaning. Find someone who is certified. His training enables him to choose the proper chemicals and procedures for each job. Look for someone with a powerful state-of-the-art truck-mounted system. The power of that system makes a HUGE difference in how clean your carpets turn out. And with that combination – he will be able to deliver results that far exceed the rest.

Many Satisfied Customers!

ALL CLEAN! Carpet Cleaning uses the #1 van powered carpet and fabric cleaning system in the industry. We’ve earned very high ratings on GoogleFacebook, Yelp, emails, and testimonial cards (with over 700 Five Star Reviews combined). We also have been trained by the IICRC, screened & approved by Google Services, Home Advisor, and Thumbtack, and have an A+ Rating with the BBB as an Accredited Business. My sons are on every job – ensuring your complete satisfaction. Many of our new clients in Bux/Mont. hear about us through their friends because of the “Wow!” factor. So, if you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Bux/Mont., we invite you to give us a call. We’d love to clean for you and prove to you why ALL CLEAN! really is your best choice when choosing a carpet cleaning service in Bux/Mont.!


Joe Fries (Owner)

Google link to my reviews

5 Star Reviews

mom loving her kids on grey sectional sofa

The 3 Top Reasons to Clean Your Carpets

Many people clean their carpets for appearance. They know that by removing all that deeply embedded dirt, their carpets will look, feel, and smell their very best. Some people clean for longevity, knowing that by removing all that abrasive dirt, their carpets will last significantly longer. But of course, the main reason we should be cleaning our carpets is for health. It has been proven that by cleaning carpets professionally with the hot water extraction method; the pathogens that are brought in on our shoes and by other means are destroyed and removed, creating a cleaner and healthier living environment.


Leading carpet manufacturers such as Shaw Industries and Mohawk recommend the Hot Water Extraction method (otherwise known as steam cleaning) as the best way to clean carpets. ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the “Cadillac” of carpet cleaning truck-mounts (The Butler System) for a deep-down thorough steam cleaning. But we even go a step further… Most carpet cleaners use a manual wand.  ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the RotoVac Power Wand to give our customers multiple cleaning passes for approximately the same price as the old standard one-pass manual-wand carpet cleaning method.

boy with his dog on clean carpet
Smiling Baby on Carpet

Here's How it Works...

Clean hot water sprays into your carpet through four rotating spray jets, each of which are followed by four very powerful vacuum ports. Dirt, grease, and grime are all flushed out from way down deep within your carpet fibers. At over 200 deg. F., our process is hot enough to effectively kill bacteria, dust-mites, and just about any other pathogen that might be lurking inside your carpets. The hotter the water, the higher the water pressure, and the higher the suction power, the cleaner and dryer your carpets will be!

ALL CLEAN!, LLC vs. "Steemer" Companies

Most Steemer companies out there (like Stanley) use a “push/pull” manual wand. Unless the technician is highly motivated, this method will clean an area only one time in one direction. But with the RotoVac Power Wand, the slower we go, the MORE times an area will be cleaned! So instead of cleaning just 1 time, we clean approximately 50 times. And instead of cleaning in just one direction, we steam-clean in many directions, omnidirectionally.

The end result is that we clean every square foot of your carpet multiple times in many directions. Your carpets will be as clean as they possibly can be.  We’re often told that we’re the best carpet cleaning company around. We hope you’ll agree!

RotoVac Power Wand
Carpet Cleaning Van Outside of Customer's Home

We use the #1 Van Powered Carpet Cleaning Truck-mount

All of that pressurized hot water and high suction power comes from our truck-mounted system that will be running outside your home. This high-end system is the leading van-powered carpet cleaning system in the industry. With both of these tools (power wand and truck mount) at our disposal, you’re guaranteed to receive the best carpet cleaning possible, each and every time. One added benefit is that the suction power of our equipment is so intense, you should expect your carpets to be dry in just a few hours, not days like with some outfits out there. You won’t find a more thorough carpet cleaning, anywhere!

Save Money on Removing Surface Odors

With our method and equipment, you won’t need to spend extra on removing “wet doggie smells” and other surface odors. A thorough carpet cleaning will remove those surface odors from your carpet without having to spend additional money on odor control. On the other hand, if you have odors coming from pet urine that have gone under your carpet and into your backing, padding, and sub-floor… an entirely different procedure is required. Please visit our Pet Odor Removal page for details.

Dog smell in carpet
Spilled Wine on Carpet

We Easily Remove Spots & Stains

We will remove mostly every spot and stain from your carpet, and that without any extra charge to you. For a full list of spots and stains that we can (and can not) remove, please read “Will all of the spots and stains come out of my carpet?” on our FAQ page.  Hire us and you’ll be amazed at the results we achieve. You’ll see why so many have generously given ALL CLEAN!, LLC the highest amount of five-star reviews in all of Bux/Mont.!


What They Say in



Beryle G.
Newtown, PA
November 28, 2008

Highly Recommend

These fellows do a fantastic job cleaning rugs and carpets. Highly recommend.

Chris M.
Riegelsville, Bucks County, PA
January 29, 2019

Very Pleased

Would highly recommend your service. Very pleased with the results & efficiency of process.

Wendy B.
Ottsville, Bucks County, PA
July 21, 2012

100% Pure Professionalism

I am not one to give out reviews for anything. This organization from the initial phone to Joe the owner to his boys Jacob and Isaac 100% pure professionalism. Got the day I needed them, they gave me a window time they’d be here. They called me when they were on there way. They showed up nice clean cut in nice van. I looked at there reviews thought it was fake because they had 178 google reviews with perfect 5 stars. I thought to myself if they fabricated them they would have put a few 4 stars in there. You can’t please everybody. I’m here to say they do. My carpets are 22 years old and light tan. They came up so clean even Isaac took a picture for this website. Do not waste your time or money with any other company for carpet cleaning. Thank you so much guys!!!

HL Buch
Langhorne, Bucks County, Pa
April 27, 2020



Joe B.
Fountainville, Bucks County, PA
March 22, 2013

Tile Looks Brand New!!

We were so thrilled with the results of our cleaning. The 5 year old tile / grout in white looks brand new!! The kitchen looks like we had never cooked / eaten in here. Thanks so much!

Jennifer S.
Fountainville, Bucks County, PA
August 20, 2010

Very Nice

Very nice professional job – Extra special care was taken and noticed. Great job!

Nicole M.
Newtown, PA
January 18, 2008

Definitely Contact You Again

Hi Joe, The two service techs (I believe they might’ve been your sons) were great. They were very knowledgeable and professional, while also be respectful of our home. Our basement is back to normal, we’ll definitely contact you again in the future. Thanks,

Dennis M.
Ottsville, Bucks County, PA
December 4, 2017



Amy B.
Newtown, PA
August 21, 2013

Keep Growing!

I knew from the moment you walked in that you were a professional. Good luck in expansion of your business. P.S. Keep Growing!

Not Provided
Bucks County, PA
January 11, 2011



Simon C.
Newtown, PA
August 12, 2014

Everything Looks Great!

Everything looks great!

Colleen W.
Pipersville, Bucks County, PA
April 25, 2014


Carpets look great!

Terri K.
Furlong, PA
September 20, 2010

Excellent Job!

Joe Fries does an excellent job!

Kyle R.
Pipersville, Bucks County, PA
September 28, 2010

Big Difference

Great Job – really see a dif.

Cherie J.
Newtown, PA
April 9, 2010

Will Use Again!

I will use again!

Rosalind W.
Newtown, PA
June 2, 2014

Very Accommodating

Joe and Isaac were great. They were very accommodating towards my needs and answered all my questions promptly. The floors look almost new again!

Karen W.
Buckingham, Bucks County, PA
January 16, 2016

Absolutely Amazing!!!

Absolutely Amazing !!!  I’ve passed your card to friends at work, one who does home redecorating. Hope it leads to more business for you !!

Lori W.
Newtown, PA
May 27, 2019

Appeared Fuzzy

Carpet pile appeared fuzzy after cleaning service, and we continue to have a fine white dust / powder on furniture. Dusting every day. Did not have this before.

Answer: What you experienced I’m certain had nothing to do with the carpet cleaning. It was purely coincidental.

Helen C.
Furlong, PA
February 7, 2009

Look and Feel New

Three kids destroyed the carpeting – after your service they look and feel new.

Marc B.
Holland, PA
April 9, 2010

Dog Smell is Gone!

You did great. your men were very professional and did a great job. I left the windows open and the fans on for three days,and i don’t smell the dog smell any more.
You did a great job,the price was right and i will call again if i have the need.
Thanks again

Jim Z.
Ottsville, Bucks County, PA
September 12, 2019

You’ll Be Back

Plan to use the company for rug cleaning.

Marie C.
Newtown, PA
April 3, 2009

Pleasure to Work With!

Hello, my name is Susan. I had my carpets cleaned last Thursday 11/9. I cannot tell you how happy I am and what an amazing job was done! My carpets were really stained with a variety of things and now they look almost new! Stains that other companies could not get out are gone! Very polite, professional, informative and pleasant young men were a pleasure to work with! Thank you so much for the excellent service!
Take care,

Susan G.
Newtown, PA
November 9, 2017

Excellent Service

Thank you for the excellent service provided in the cleaning of my tiles. Your sons were courteous, respectful, clean and professional on their approach. They ensured that the work was done to my full satisfaction before completing the job. Well done.

Sri Seshadri
Holland, PA
January 18, 2021

Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists

Joe. I wanted to reach out to you about how wonderful the boys were today with the carpets. They kept me well informed and did a great job. They were beyond courteous. My office has high traffic areas and they got the carpets back to almost new. So, thank you again and pass along to the boys what a great job they did!!!

Karen Hartkorn - Manager
Bucks County, PA
August 6, 2016

Prompt & Reliable

Prompt & reliable. I thought I would have to buy a new carpet but they did such a good job it looks nearly new.

Elizabeth W.
Bedminster, Bucks County, PA
March 18, 2016


Awesome job as always Joe, thanks again!!!

Ted S.
Riegelsville, Bucks County, PA
August 23, 2012

Looks New!

Would highly recommend to all. Courteous, professional, and excellent job!  Carpets and floors look new!

Deanna L.
Ottsville, Bucks County, PA
March 17, 2010

Your Sons Were Great

Your sons were great. Send me a reminder next year.

Ruth D.
Fort Washington, Montgomery County, PA
December 5, 2017

Thank You!

Thank you! Place looks great!

Janie G.
Lower Gwynedd, Montgomery County, PA
February 10, 2017

Very Knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable and thorough, also friendly.

Judy B.
East Norriton, Montgomery County, PA
June 7, 2016

Good Job!

Good job!

Judy M.
Limerick, Montgomery County, PA
September 19, 2014

The Kitchen Looks Great

Dear Joe, Every floor and carpet that you worked on today is drying beautifully! The kitchen looks great – so the acid did wonders! Thanks for suggesting it…

Ann U.
Fort Washington, Montgomery County, PA
January 13, 2014


You did an amazing job! I didn’t think it would be possible to get my couches and rugs anywhere near as clean as you did! Thank you so much for all the time and attention you gave to them!

Rosanne S.
Hilltown, Montgomery County, PA
August 27, 2013

Great Job!

Great job!

Theresa H.
Hatboro, Montgomery County, PA
May 21, 2013

Very Nice!

Very nice, great work and honest. Thank You!

Stefanie L.
Schwenksville, Montgomery County, PA
April 3, 2013

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with the results of the carpets when finished. I thought I was going to have to replace them. Now they are acceptable for a while longer!

Renee T.
Horsham, Montgomery County, PA
January 25, 2013

Amazing Results!

The results were amazing. I am very pleased with how my carpets turned out. They look new and every stain was removed! Thanks so much!

Moreen B.
Perkiomenville, Montgomery County, PA
June 22, 2011

Very Helpful

I can’t thank you enough for your quick response to my call for help last Sunday! Your tips seem to have done the trick. The stains have virtually disappeared. I have ordered a gallon of the Bio Kleen Bac Out product that you spoke of to have on hand for future use. Thank you again. You truly saved the day… and our carpets!

Lauren S.
Maple Glen, Montgomery County, PA
May 3, 2011


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Carpet Cleaning in Bux/Mont., PA

ALL CLEAN!, LLC has been offering carpet steam cleaning services in Bux/Mont. since 2005. We started as a one-man carpet cleaning company with an aggressive goal... Deliver THE VERY BEST Quality Cleaning in Bux/Mont., PA at a reasonable price. We have grown over the years and now all five of our sons have joined the team. Each of us is committed to providing every customer in Bux/Mont. with an exceptional carpet cleaning experience.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every One of Our Carpet Cleaning Services

ALL CLEAN!, LLC serves Bux/Mont. with honesty and integrity. When we clean for you, you can be certain you'll get your money's worth, and more. We offer honest upfront pricing with no hidden charges. We do not play games. We have no gimmicks. And there will be no surprises when you hire us to clean your carpets. Our reputation is just way too valuable to us. Additionally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee... If you’re not happy, you don’t pay! So, if you're looking for the best carpet cleaning in Bux/Mont., PA… give us a call today. We won’t let you down!

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