Top 12 Reasons for Choosing ALL CLEAN!

There are many differences between carpet cleaning companies. Find out why ALL CLEAN!, LLC Stands Head and Shoulders Above the Rest!


The Top 12 Reasons for
Choosing ALL CLEAN!, LLC

Our Method is Best for Carpet Appearance

1) We Use The Best Carpet Cleaning Method for Making your Carpets Look Great!

Many people clean their carpets for appearance. They know that by removing all the deeply embedded dirt that has accumulated over the years, their carpets will look, feel, and smell their very best. The EPA says “To help… maintain appearance… carpet requires… periodic wet extraction cleaning.” Since ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the best hot water extraction cleaning method, your carpets will look fantastic each and every time!

Walking barefoot on clean white carpet

2) We Use The Best Carpet Cleaning Method for Making Your Carpets Last Longer

Another reason for cleaning carpets is to improve your carpet’s longevity. The cleaner your carpets are, the longer they will last. Since dirt scratches away and wears down carpet fibers, the EPA recommends “To help ensure longer life… carpet requires… periodic wet extraction cleaning.”  Since cleaning carpets with a high-end truck mount and power wand removes more abrasive dirt than any other method, ours is the best carpet cleaning method for improving carpet longevity.

Best for removing pathogens

3) We Use The Best Carpet Cleaning Method for a Healthy Living Environment

Many people realize that the main reason we should be cleaning our carpets is for our health. The EPA says “Some studies indicate that poorly maintained carpet can release significant quantities of particles into the air during the course of daily activity. To help protect indoor air quality, carpet requires… periodic wet extraction cleaning.” We also know that bacteria lives on the dirt within our carpets. ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the best carpet cleaning method for removing those pathogens that are brought in on our shoes that would put our family’s heath at risk. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed by our very hot water and removed with our powerful suction, creating a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Wine Spill - Best spot and stain remover

4) The Best Carpet Care Services for Removing Spots & Stains

ALL CLEAN!, LLC has the best carpet cleaning method for removing spots from your carpet. The power of our machine combined with multiple cleaning passes easily flushes out whatever substance you have in your carpet that is causing the spot. Stains that remain after the cleaning process are removed with special chemicals that are only used on the area of the stain. ALL CLEAN!, LLC will remove mostly every spot and stain from your carpet, and that without (in most cases) any extra charge to you. For a full list of spots and stains that we can (and cannot) remove, please read “Will all of the spots and stains come out of my carpet?” on our FAQ page.

Pug and girl for pet odor removal

5) The Best Carpet Care Services for Removing Pet Odors

Some companies charge extra (or throw it in with a package “deal”) for spraying chemical fragrances on your carpet after they’re finished with their cleaning. With our method, you won’t need those chemicals in your carpet in order to remove those wet doggie smells and the like. Our method is so thorough that we’ll extract all those odors, leaving you with freshly cleaned carpet, without any chemicals left behind.

On the other hand, if you have odors coming from pet urine that has gone down under your carpet and into your backing, padding, and sub-floor… you’ll want to care for your carpet with an entirely different procedure. Please visit our Pet Odor Removal page for details.

6) The Best Carpet Cleaning Method According to the Carpet Manufacturers

The two leading carpet manufacturers, Shaw Industries and Mohawk both recommend Hot Water Extraction (otherwise known as steam cleaning) as the best carpet cleaning method. The most thorough form of Hot Water Extraction is with a powerful truck-mount and a Rotovac power wand, which is what ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses.


Shaw recommends the hot water extraction method.

 Shaw explains on their website that “Hot water extraction or steam cleaning – removes oils and particulates that accelerate soiling. Shaw Floors recommends hot water extracting every 12-18 months depending on the traffic in your home.”

“Research indicates that hot water extraction provides the most thorough cleaning. The process involves applying a cleaning agent to the carpet and using water in an extractor to remove the used solution and soil.”

Shaw Floors recommends that carpets are thoroughly cleaned every 12 to 18 months by hot water extraction. Professional carpet cleaners generally get the best results.”

Shaw even requires it for their warranty. “For stain or texture-related issues, include proof of steam-cleaning by a professional hot water extraction company.”


Mohawk has it on their warranty too: “Mohawk requires professional hot water extraction every 18 months using cleaning products, equipment, or systems that carry the CRI Seal of Approval.”


Since these two companies manufacture the most carpets in the world, surely they know best how carpets should be cleaned!

7) ALL CLEAN! LLC uses the #1 Van Powered Carpet Cleaning Truck-mount in the Industry

ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the “Cadillac” of hot water extraction truck-mounts (The Butler System) for a deep-down thorough steam cleaning. All of that pressurized hot water and high suction power mentioned earlier comes from our powerful truck-mounted system that will be running outside of your home. This high-end system is theHot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Van Outside of Customer's Home leading van-powered carpet cleaning system in the industry. Dirt, grease, and grime are all flushed out from way down deep within your carpet fibers. At over 200 deg. F., our process is hot enough to effectively kill bacteria, dust-mites, and just about any other pathogen that might be lurking inside your carpets. The hotter the water, the higher the water pressure, and the higher the suction power, the cleaner and dryer your carpets will be. The suction power of our equipment is so intense, you should expect your carpets to be dry within just a few hours, not days like with some carpet cleaners out there. Our’s is guaranteed to be the BEST carpet cleaning method found anywhere!

The Rotovac Power Wand is Better than a Manual Wand

8) ALL CLEAN!,LLC Uses the Rotovac Power Wand

Most Steam Cleaning companies out there (like Stanley) use a “push/pull” manual wand. Unless the technician is highly motivated, this method will only clean an area one time – in one direction. ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the RotoVac Power Wand to give our customers multiple cleaning passes in multiple directions. We offer this survice for about the same price as as others do for the old standard one-pass manual-wand carpet cleaning method. The slower we go, the MORE times an area is cleaned! So instead of cleaning just 1 time, we clean approximately 50 times. And instead of cleaning in just one direction, we steam-clean in many directions, omnidirectionally. The end result is that we clean every square foot of your carpet multiple times in many directions. Your carpets will be as clean as they possibly can be.  We’re often told that we’re the best carpet cleaner around. We hope you’ll agree!

We get great reviews!

9) ALL CLEAN! Gets Great Reviews!

We’ve earned very high ratings on GoogleFacebook, Yelp, emails, and through personal testimonial cards (with over 800 Five Star Reviews combined). We also have been trained by the IICRC, screened & approved by Google Services, Home Advisor, and Thumbtack, and have an A+ Rating with the BBB as an Accredited Business.

Starting with my initial phone call for information I found the person who answered the phone to be very knowledgeable not only as to my specific requirements but also the type of equipment they'd use. That in itself sold me on their services.The crew that was sent did exactly what was expected... and I now have carpeting that looks as good as the day it was first installed.It's a pleasure doing business with companies like All Clean.11/10/22 An update. I received an email notice from All Clean! offering their cleaning services. Considering the value of their services a year ago I decided to have them clean my carpets rather than I spot cleaning before the holiday's. I'm glad I did, no strain on me and after their technician finished I had what appeared to be new carpets. Thanks again for a great more
Norman Searle
Norman Searle
All Clean is top notch, no question about it. The appointment was easy to set up and the guys showed up on time. In fact, they were so punctual that they were sitting in my driveway before I even got to the house - incredible. The guys were super friendly and professional. It was such a pleasure... talking to them. They answered all my questions, gave me the run down on what they are going to do, and called me over when there were various options on how to deal with a stubborn stain. To top it all off they don't use any harsh chemicals to clean the carpets and everything is organic. When my wife got home I couldn't stop singing the praises for All Clean. It's very rare that I will take the time to sit down and write a review for anyone but this service was so exceptional that I had to do it. If you're searching for a company to clean your carpets and do it the right way look no further!read more
I highly recommend All Clean for carpet and spot cleaning! I appreciated the extremely professional, respectful and responsible experience with both the owner Joe and his son Jacob. Not only was my first inquiry through email promptly answered but every interaction after that was promptly responded... to as well. Jacob was friendly and knowledgeable. He answered my questions about price, spot cleaning and questions about my 9 year old contractor grade carpet. The carpet came out beautiful! All the little spots and our larger ones are all gone, for good! The carpet not only looks refreshed but actually feels better to walk on! No funny smells, just fresh clean carpet! After reading other reviews and their website I knew this was the place to call! I’m sure glad I did! Excellent job at a reasonable price!! Thank you for the service you provide! Jen, Telford PAread more
Jen Koebert
Jen Koebert
We had used another company yearly for almost 20 years at our house and at my parents but then the other company started get careless so I went looking for someone new. Found All Clean from a FB suggestion and have used them twice now in the last year for different areas. They removed horrible pet... throw up stains and long term TPN infusion stains that the other company couldn’t get even by me buying the higher level service. It’s been over 6 months and there is no sign of either of these types of stains returning on our 28 year old ivory wall to wall carpets from our foyer stairs and our whole second floor. We had been looking into replacing them but honed they look fantastic after All Clean came out. We are planning to use them to do the grout on our tile floors after seeing the test area that they more
Lisa Ronan
Lisa Ronan
My son Aaron cleaning a commercial job

10) ALL CLEAN!, LLC is Entirely Family Owned and Operated

My sons are on every job – ensuring your complete satisfaction. They take the time to do the job right because they really do care about how your carpets turn out. They each have many years of experience and are viewed by many of our customers as friendly, polite, and professional. My wife and I are in our home office ready to answer any questions you might have. We always are looking for how we may best serve all our customers.

My 3 sons on a commercial carpet cleaning job

11) ALL CLEAN!, LLC Has Many Years of Experience

ALL CLEAN!, LLC has been in business serving our customers with amazingly cleaning carpets since 2005. Three of my sons have been cleaning carpets since they were young boys. Aaron started when he was 12, Isaac when he was 9, and Jacob when he was 10. I am very please to have 3 very hard-working sons.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

12) Satisfaction Guaranteed!

ALL CLEAN!, LLC serves Bucks, Montgomery, Eastern Berks, and part of Lower Lehigh Counties with honesty and integrity. When we clean for you, you can be certain you’ll get your money’s worth, and more. We offer honest upfront pricing with no hidden charges. We do not play games. We have no gimmicks. And there will be no surprises. Our reputation is just way too valuable to us. Additionally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee… If you’re not happy, you don’t pay! So, if you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner in your area… give us a call today. We won’t let you down!

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