Any relocation is a big step in general. Most of the time, moving from point A to point B is planned well ahead of time and is well-organized. Often, we tend to focus on that move so much that we forget that a relocation isn’t over once you get to point B. In fact, it continues until you fully settle in. One of the tasks to complete or at least start once you move is the essential post-relocation cleanup. If you aren’t sure where to start or how to organize the cleanup, keep on reading for our easy to follow, efficient tips.

Post-Relocation Cleanup

If you don’t have much experience with cleaning after relocation, one of the important elements to remember is that you can begin the process before you actually move. In fact, it is recommended. Therefore, one of our tips is that you clean at least some parts of the home before moving in with all of your stuff. This will also make it easier, as you will be working with an open and empty space. There will be less clutter, therefore, the cleanup will be more efficient and faster.

Some of the things you could clean before the actual move-in date include vents, fans, and lighting fixtures. Dusting these off before your belongings are brought in will make work easier later on. Next, you could clean the areas where you plan to put larger and heavier items. For example, clean the area where you plan to put your oven or dishwasher. Having that space ready will make things easier on moving day. In addition, hiring a moving company early on and finding a reliable crew to help you out will take out the stress of moving everything on your own.

Cleaning Your New Home

Being organized plays a big role in a successful relocation. The smoother your move, the easier the post-relocation cleanup process. Therefore, before you start packing, have a plan. The success of your unpacking truly depends on the efficiency of your packing first.

Moreover, unpacking doesn’t have to be tedious, as long as you are tactical about it. For example, never open boxes randomly. It will make it harder to unpack, and you will end up being all over the place, not knowing where to even start or continue.

We recommend going about unpacking in a strategic manner. For example, if you focus your cleaning on room by room, you can follow with unpacking in the same manner. Checking off the cleaning and unpacking room by room will help you maintain organization and some sort of order. Overall, an efficient way to get things done as you try and settle into your new home.

Cleaning Tips 101

Back to the topic of being organized, another tip to share with you is to have your cleaning supplies within reach. Pack everything you think you might need for the post-relocation cleanup, so that when you arrive at your new home, necessary supplies are at hand. In addition, anything you use on the daily we recommend packing separate and within reach. The last thing you want to do is go through different boxes and make a mess while looking for something specific. Another tip that ties to this one is labeling your boxes properly. It will make cleaning up and unpacking that much simpler.

Where to Start?

As we mentioned going room by room, we might as well let you know where it is best to start. As you prepare your new home for your items and belongings, we suggest starting with the house flooring. Whether it is carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring, it is a good idea to get it professionally cleaned. Vacuuming and cleaning the regular way will not get all the debris and dirt out, especially when it comes to carpeting. In fact, it is recommended that carpets be cleaned at least once a year. Therefore, getting a professional crew to thoroughly clean all the flooring in your new home will ensure you have a fresh start in your new home.

The bathroom and the bedroom will be the first rooms to be used, therefore sanitizing those is a must. As most germs are found within the bathroom, be sure to give that space a good cleaning for your peace of mind. In addition, use disinfecting products and replace anything that is easily installed, such as a new toilet seat, shower curtain, sink handle, etc.

Next, clean the bedroom thoroughly so that once your items arrive you can go ahead and install the bed. As the moving process can take a toll on anyone, the post-move cleanup will get you tired. Therefore, setting up your bedroom is smart so that you can get your rest later on.

Plan & Organize

At the end of the day, the biggest tip we can share about the post-relocation cleanup is that you have a plan and stay organized. If you visualize the process ahead of time and organize the cleaning process before you begin, you will know exactly what you are doing and how. Conducting a cleanup after your relocation is all about being efficient. You don’t want to waste time and prolong this, when you know that you can complete it quickly and easily. Therefore, always have a plan and strategy in mind.

Meanwhile, think in a logical way. Start with rooms such as the bathroom and the bedroom as you know those will be used first. Then, clean the kitchen. Start from top to bottom. On the other hand, if you happen to be moving into a home with carpets, perhaps consider hiring professionals to clean them. Nowadays, you can never be too sure, therefore giving them a thorough cleaning is a good idea overall.

As long as you have the cleaning supplies you need and a well-structured plan to follow, your post-move cleanup will be smooth and easy. Ensuring that you use the hours of the day wisely is key. In addition, get your family members and friends to help out. The more people are on this cleanup, the faster it will be completed. Good luck!