If you want to know how to dry your carpets quickly after a thorough deep-cleaning by ALL CLEAN!, LLC, you’ve come to the right place! When we leave your home after a thorough carpet cleaning, your carpets will be slightly damp, not wet.  How long that remaining moisture takes to dry depends greatly on the temperature, humidity, and airflow in the rooms that we’ve cleaned.  On average, dry times are usually within just a few hours. We never leave them soaking wet, just a little damp. We can advise at the time of your cleaning based on the weather of the day as to which drying technique is best for you. Or, continue reading for a detailed explanation of how you can determine how to dry your carpets quickly.


Top 3 Carpet Drying Methods

If the temperature outside is above 75 degrees with a humidity level above 45%, we suggest adjusting your central air to 70 degrees and turning your fan’s switch to the ON position. Your central air will act as a dehumidifier thereby transferring the moisture to the outside. Dry times can be further shortened if your A.C. is turned on several hours prior to the technician’s arrival.

If the temperature outside is below 65 degrees we suggest turning your heat to 72 degrees or higher and turning the fan to the ON position. Operating a fireplace or wood-burning stove will dramatically increase the rate at which your carpet dries. In addition, your carpets will dry much quicker if the carpeted rooms are heated prior to the technician’s arrival.

If the temperature outside is above 68 degrees and the humidity level is less than 40%; quick-drying can be achieved by opening all your windows. Just make sure you have good cross-ventilation by leaving all your internal doors open. Fans are especially helpful when using this method.

Walking barefoot on clean white carpet

Walking on Freshly Cleaned Carpet

As long as you don’t mind footprint indentations in your freshly cleaned carpet, there is no real reason why you can’t walk on your clean carpet. Of course, you want to use good judgment… Socks are usually cleaner than shoes and bare feet have oils in them, but the impact is usually negligible. White socks or slippers are usually your best bet.

Hard surfaces are slippery when wet.

Slippery When Wet!

Please be careful; it’s easy to forget when walking from damp carpet onto a hard-surfaced floor such as wood or tile, that the hard-surfaced floor can be very slippery. It’s usually a good idea to place a mat or towel down on the wood or tile until the carpet is fully dry. Please remind the entire family to be careful.

Furniture on freshly cleaned carpet

Furniture on Freshly Cleaned Carpet

It is important to wait until your carpet is thoroughly dry prior to placing furniture back on your carpet. Metals rust (easily fixed) and wood-stained furniture bleeds (not so easy to fix). If the carpet has been cleaned under furniture, the technician will place tabs or blocks on the feet (unless made of plastic) as to prevent any problems.


Bubbles or Waves in the Carpet

Occasionally (maybe one out of every 300 or so carpets that we clean) we find that the carpets become “wavy” after the cleaning.  Don’t worry!  This is caused by fillers that are used in some carpets that when heated, expand the molecules in the carpet’s backing, thereby causing waves.  This always goes back to normal in less than a day, as long as proper drying techniques are followed.

We hope that you find these suggestions helpful and if for any reason you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 215-538-0290.