How to give your carpet a spring clean

Having a great, warm, friendly household is terrific. However, although leading a fulfilled life is everyone’s goal, it comes at a price. A busy home is most often a very messy one too. This can make our carpets appear worn, dirty, and scruffy over a long period of time. Superficially removing these stains isn’t enough. Purchasing new carpets every time your old ones look worn-out isn’t a very economical and sustainable method either. You need to give your carpet a spring clean from time to time to really make the mess go away. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be too much trouble. All you need to do is follow some tips.

Thoroughly vacuum your carpet

Spring is a great time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you’re trying to be really positive, you can even look at this as a form of exercise. Getting ready for the summer has never seemed so productive, right? If you vacuum your carpet correctly, thoroughly, and vigorously enough, you’ll have a much easier job on your hands later on. Giving your carpets a spring clean doesn’t have to be too time or energy-consuming. You can divide it into chores and get to them when you find the time.

A row of washing machines that could be used for giving carpets a spring clean.

Declutter your home before giving your carpet a spring clean

Before giving your carpet a spring clean, you need to make sure that everything around it is good and ready. You can’t clean your wool rug well if there is mess all over it. Make sure to take your time and plan out how you’ll get your belongings in order during this time. If you have the time, you can even make this a spring cleaning of your whole home.

Find storage

Make sure to organize your belongings as orderly as possible so that you can put them back in their place in no time. If you have a spare room for storage in your home, it’d be best to store everything that could bother you while you give your carpet a spring clean. However, if you don’t have a place to put bulky pieces out of your way, you can rent a storage unit. Although it might seem a bit pricy or unnecessary, this is a real lifesaver, especially if your home is swarming with people.

Is your rug machine washable?

Before you waste a lot of time cleaning and scouring your rugs by hand, check if some of them are machine washable. Even though cleaning your rug is never as tiresome as you think it to be, why not make things easier on yourself? Check if your rug is machine washable. If so, follow the instructions on how to treat it. The rugs that can be washed in a machine typically need to be thoroughly vacuumed beforehand.

A person spraying a gentle detergent for giving your carpet a spring cleaning.

Are you dealing with a persistent stain?

If you have a very persistent stain on your hands, giving your carpet a spring cleaning is really important. Instead of being annoyed because you can’t clean this stain, try to contact someone experienced in this sort of thing. Removing old carpet stains isn’t easy, but it is achievable. But, remember that different stains require different treatments. It’s not a one solution fits all kind of thing, so you must research what to do.

How to approach giving your carpet a spring clean?

One of the most important things you’ll do once you’ve decided to give your rug a spring clean is to make sure that you’ve got the right tools for cleaning. The usual ones are dry kitchen towels, a white cloth, some warm water, and a plastic spatula. If possible, you should tend to the stain or spillage as soon as you can. If the stain has been there for some time, it could be tough to get out. Try to avoid scrubbing the liquid that has spilled further into the carpet. You can do this by gently blotting the stain or even using a spoon to pick the residue up without spreading it. If you end up over-wetting your carpet, make sure to dry it correctly. Failing to do so can end up in a moldy stain which is even harder to get rid of.

Find the tools and chemicals that suit your needs

As stated before, not every problem has the same solution. Depending on several factors, you’ll use different tools and chemicals to give your carpet a spring clean.

  • Clean White Cloth
  • Before complicating anything, make sure that you have a fresh cloth that’ll ensure you’re not adding to the damage.
  • Washing Detergent
  • Try to choose as gentle of a detergent as possible. Combine the detergent with half a liter of water and use this to clean your rug.
  • Powder
  • Using powder for giving your carpet a spring clean is a very old-fashioned method. However, things are traditional for a reason. It’s quite an effective solution. You need to sprinkle it on, leave it over the night, and vacuum the excess.
  • Shampoo
  • Another pretty effective method of giving your carpet a spring cleaning is carpet shampoo. Avoid applying too much of it or drenching your carpet. Once it’s dry, you can also vacuum it up.
  • Surgical Spirit
  • Applying surgical spirit can clean the most persistent stains. It’s excellent at removing stains from solids, oil, tar, etc. Combining it with warm water should do the trick.
  • White Vinegar
  • Combine white vinegar with pretty much any of these methods for a better result. If your stain is very light, you can even try it on its own if you have no other chemical at hand.

Go gentle if you have kids or pets

If you have kids or pets, try to use very gentle cleaners. Although removing pet odors can be a real nag, you shouldn’t go for the strongest chemicals. Luckily, some methods are as effective as they are safe.

A man standing on two different carpets that he needs to give a spring clean to.

Hire professionals to give your carpet a spring clean

Although you can follow the steps above and get great results, it would be best to combine them with hiring carpet cleaning services. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a frequent thing. When you notice that your carpets need to be freshened up, call up your trusty cleaning service and have them come by. It does make a huge difference. Professional machines remove stains and deeper filth that’s not visible to the naked eye.

Try to give your carpet an eco-friendly spring clean

While you should use strong enough chemicals to remove the stains you’re struggling with, try to be sustainable too. You can give your carpet a spring cleaning by using green cleaning methods as well. If you set aside some time, you will easily find some tips to help you do your part in saving the planet.

Maintenance is essential

Once you give your carpet a spring clean, don’t stop there. You need to be disciplined and maintain the cleanliness of your carpets. Try not to wear shoes inside the house and use welcome mats to catch excess dirt before coming in. Vacuum as regularly as you can. Above all else, try to be careful and not spill anything on your carpet.