If you have decided to give your carpet a spring clean, there’s a high chance you’ve been disappointed by the number of carpet dents you discovered on it. Carpet dents are quite a nuisance. They have the potential to drastically damage the overall look of your carpet. The main culprit for such dents is the heavy furniture you have in your home. This being said, you cannot only prevent furniture dents in the carpet flooring but also fix them if they do develop.

Helpful tips to prevent furniture dents in the carpet

To prevent furniture dents, you must take preventive measures. Like with everything, you need to think in advance to avoid risks. Do not worry; it doesn’t mean getting rid of your furniture. With these tips, you will still be able to keep your furniture and have a dent-free carpet.

Select the right carpeting and padding for your home

Choosing the right carpeting and padding is crucial. If you have the option of installing new flooring, now might be a perfect time. For example, if you are moving into a new home, you may want to take the necessary steps to prevent carpet dents before bringing all your belongings in. So, instruct the mover you have found on Verified Movers to take everything into a storage unit first so you can focus on choosing the right carpeting for your new home.

High-density carpets are not only less likely to get dents but are also long-lasting. As for the padding, always choose a thin pad that is also firm. If you need help selecting the right carpeting and padding combination, make sure to contact your flooring contractor.

Take care of your carpet regularly

Even though your carpet appears to be clean, it is vital to follow a cleaning routine whenever possible. It may come as a surprise, but this can help avoid carpet dents. Dirt can quickly get into the fibers of your carpet, causing harm if you walk on it. The carpet will lose its ability to bounce back to its original state eventually. That means that you can get carpet dents even without the presence of heavy furniture. However, the combination of heavy furniture and a damaged carpet will lead to even more marks! To rejuvenate your damaged carpet, make sure to vacuum and clean your carpet weekly. And always stick to natural cleaning products for the best results. If this seems like a hassle, you can always hire professional cleaners regularly to keep your carpet in the best possible condition.

Someone vacuuming a carpet covered with colorful confetti.

Implement furniture coasters

The constant weight of your heavy furniture damages your carpet and creates indentations. By spreading out the load, you can prevent furniture dents in the carpet. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. There are many different furniture coasters or sliders you can purchase. They are often made from different materials, so their prices vary. Some even include spikes that go into your carpet and elevate the furniture, so it doesn’t rest on it. No matter which style of furniture coaster you choose, make sure to purchase the correct size. And keep count of how many legs your sofa or armchair has. Also, you can use carpet scraps left behind after the carpet installation if you want to be cost-effective. They can be used in place of coasters and have the added benefit of blending in with your carpet.

Move furniture periodically

After you’ve set your heavy furniture down, the last thing you want to do is move it around. However, by shifting your furniture from time to time, you can lessen the strain it puts on the carpet. You do not have to completely rearrange your living space while doing this. You can make your carpet last longer if you move the pieces a few inches to the side. Certain types of furniture, like wooden furniture, are often quite bulky and heavy, making them difficult to move. Some people decide to remove such pieces and place them in a storage unit for safekeeping. Just remember to be careful when putting it in storage. Wooden pieces demand special preparation, so the wood doesn’t get damaged in transportation and during their stay in the unit. Whether you move your furniture around or remove it, your carpet’s lifespan will increase dramatically.

A woman moving a sofa, showing that by moving your furniture even just a few inches, you can prevent furniture dents in the carpet.

In case of an existing furniture dent in your carpet:

Carpet dents may happen, regardless of how much money you spent on your carpet, which sort of carpet you chose, and which precautions you took. However, if you’ve followed all the previous steps, the dents in your carpet will be simple to fix.

Try the ice cube quick fix

One very tried and true way to remove dents in your carpet is to – use ice cubes on it. Placing ice cubes on the indentation and allowing them to melt is a quick and easy fix you can try. The fibers of your carpet will be easier to manage by doing this trick. Your carpet will revert to its original state after you brush it and fluff the fibers up.

Get professional help

Even if you spend a lot of time and effort preventing furniture dents, you may still end up with a persistent mark that won’t go away. This is the point where it might be smart to seek professional help. Professional carpet cleaners can breathe new life into your carpet because they know what to do. Good professional carpet cleaners use heavy-duty cleaning equipment and will effectively remove all the dents while protecting your carpet. There are certain things you can do before a professional carpet cleaner comes to your home. However, you can rest assured that your carpet will be dent-free when they finish their job.

A woman smiling at the camera with cleaning gloves on, holding a cleaning solution.

Maintenance is key

Whatever method you choose, the most important thing you can remember is to maintain your carpet’s condition. Keep an eye on its state, follow guidelines on how to prevent furniture dents in the carpet, and contact professional carpet cleaners regularly. It is worth noting that your carpet’s longevity is primarily dependent on your willingness to maintain it.