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Pet Odor Removal Services

When your pet urinates on your carpet, the pee often goes down into the backing, padding, and sub-floor, where a basic carpet cleaning just can’t reach. ALL CLEAN!, LLC can effectively remediate some of the worst urine contamination in residential carpets.

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Choose Between 3 Options For Removing Dog Odors From Carpets

There are essentially three options when considering pet odor removal. Let’s look at each one to find out which one is best for you. Here they are from least to most aggressive…

OPTION 1: Removing Surface Level Smells

If you have a “wet dog smell” or any other surface smell in your carpet such as dog vomit or light pee stains, you do NOT need to spend extra money on deodorization. Many companies upsell deodorizers that are sprayed on the surface of your carpet after the cleaning. These chemicals only hide odors for a short time. Don’t let them fool you into spending money unnecessarily.  Any carpet cleaning company with good equipment can easily get dog smell out of carpet without having to add expensive deodorization chemicals.

No Need for Deodorizers – (Least Expensive Method)

Option 1 is simply to just get a very thorough carpet cleaning. This is what you’ll get with ALL CLEAN! – a deep down thorough carpet cleaning that automatically removes surface pet odors from carpet fibers without additional cost. Our high heat, high water volume, and high suction power is quite sufficient, with no added chemicals left behind.

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Example Images of Option 1

In the images below, there were many pet stains in our customer’s carpet, but surprisingly very little odor. So our customer chose to just have us do a very thorough cleaning of the carpet fibers. As you can see, the results were excellent, with no stains remaining.

Option 2: Remove Dog Urine Odors From Underneath Your Carpet

On the other hand, if you would like us to get rid of the strong dog urine smells that are emanating from your carpet’s backing, padding and sub-floor, you may want to consider Option #2.

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OSR Treatment – (Mid-level Expense)

When a pet urinates in carpet, the pee often goes down into the backing, padding, and subfloor. The first thing to consider is that no matter who cleans your carpets, these areas won’t be cleaned or deodorized with just a basic carpet cleaning. Odors will still emanate from underneath the carpet unless the proper odor remediation procedure is used.

Step 1 – The first thing we do is identify the contaminated areas by darkening the room and illuminating the pet urine stains with an ultraviolet light. Pee stains glow under UV lighting. Many customers are surprised to find that Fido was naughtier than they thought!

Black Light Illuminates Urine 3
Black Light Illuminates Urine 1
Black Light Illuminates Urine 2

Step 2 – We then mix a powdered deodorizer at over 200 degrees F. (a gallon or two at a time) and pour into those areas, thoroughly saturating the contaminated areas down to the sub-floor. As per the manufacturer, the chemical “combines the power of natural oxygen with the biological power of odor modification to destroy odorous materials without leaving strong artificial fragrances behind”. The product dwells for half an hour and during this time it will decontaminate the area and eliminate the pet urine odors and stains, all in one efficient process.

Step 3 – We use a water claw to extract the dog pee. All that urine smell goes out into our cleaning van.

Waterclaw Extracts Urine 2
Waterclaw Extracts Urine 3
Waterclaw Extracts Urine 1

Step 4 – We use our thorough carpet cleaning method to remove dirt and any residuals left behind. I believe this method to be the most effective way to get rid of dog pee smells in carpets offered by any carpet cleaning company.

Note: A phone conversation rather than email is preferred when enquiring about pet odor remediation.

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OPTION 3: Replace Your Carpets!!! (Most Expensive)

Oh yes, there is always the third option.  If the amount of product needed to solve an extreme pet urine odor problem exceeds 5 gallons per average sized room, we typically recommend replacing the carpet. Both the moisture level and the cost (in my opinion) would exceed the benefit of having the pet contamination remediated. We don’t offer carpet installation, but we’ll always be upfront with you and give you our honest opinion.

Which Option is Best for You?

If you’d like, we’ll come to your home to analyze your situation at no charge. All we ask is that if you want us to remove the pet urine odor from your carpet, you’ll have us do it the same day while we’re there. Whatever you choose, just know, we want what’s best for you!

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