We all strive to keep our homes clean and spotless when we can. However, no matter how thoroughly and how often we clean and maintain our rooms, there are high traffic areas that really need deep and professional cleaning once in a while. Our carpets take a beating every time we walk on them, so they need periodic cleaning to keep looking great. Regular maintenance such as vacuuming only removes dirt and crumbs from the surface, while deeper stains and odors can only be removed with professional carpet cleaning equipment. If you’re wondering if you can deep clean your carpets alone or you should hire a professional carpet cleaner, this article may prove helpful and reveal some important facts. You will see why you should avoid DIY carpet cleaning at any cost.

Avoid risks

If you are looking to save money, the idea of deep cleaning carpets by yourself can come to mind. You’ll still have to rent or buy a steam cleaner and put in the time and labor. Rental carpet cleaners may remove dirt, but if you don’t know the right way to use the chemicals and carpet cleaning machines, you risk more damage to your carpet, yourself, and your environment.

You may wonder what’s so tricky about it. It’s not rocket science, after all. Well, consider the following. Cleaning equipment is difficult to maneuver because of its considerable size. The machines used for cleaning are filled with liquid, which can spill onto your carpets if you are not careful. You can easily damage or completely ruin your carpets and floors underneath with too much water or cleaner. Wet carpets can cause moisture to linger and lead to growing harmful mold. Mold is a serious issue that affects our health. Drying carpets takes longer with rental equipment. At the end of the day, professionally cleaned carpets promote a healthy lifestyle, and your health and the health of your family members should always be a priority number one and not something to be gambled with.


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Upsides of professional cleaning

To avoid all the hassle and manual labor of DIY carpet cleaning, save yourself the trouble, and hire a professional. You can rest easy knowing that the professionals use only the best equipment and cleaning solutions for your home. Besides, they have a trained and skilled team of experts who have mastered steam cleaning techniques.

There are many upsides to hiring professional cleaning services. One of the crucial benefits is that professional cleaning will remove all surface stains and entirely remove the odor that lingers deep in our carpets, caused by pets, spills, moisture, and everyday activities. When looking to restore your carpets’ original look and color, professional cleaning is the best way to go. You’ll get excellent results and a guarantee of quality. When requesting a quote and making arrangements with professional cleaners, always ask if there is insurance against damage to your home. You can leave your worries aside, knowing that professional cleaners use cleaning solutions safe for human use and gentle on the environment.

In addition to our homes, our business spaces also need deep carpet cleanings. Some of them, such as medical clinics or restaurants, require more frequent cleaning than others.

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The right time for professional carpet cleaning

You may wonder when the right time to hire professional cleaning services is. Usually, carpets need a deep steam cleaning once or twice a year. If you have kids, pets, or many guests coming to your home and there is a lot of activity, then your rugs will suffer more wear and tear, and they’ll need deep cleaning even more often.

We will list some of the situations when it’s highly recommendable (in addition to the regular annual or semi-annual clean):

  • When moving to another home– you’ll need a final cleanup before you leave (thorough cleaning of the whole place goes without saying; deep cleaning of carpets is just one of the important jobs to take care of)
  • When putting your home on the market – for staging your home to sell it, it’s obvious that everything needs to be sparkling clean
  • If you have allergies schedule deep cleaning in-between seasons (because pollen and other allergens tend to accumulate on our floors, and your sinuses may suffer)
  • When expecting a baby and doing a thorough cleaning before the baby is born

To sum things up – cleaner equals healthier. Your health may directly correlate with conditions in your home, so better make sure that you maintain it well.

Cute baby smiling while lying on a fur carpet, showing why you should avoid DIY carpet cleaning at any cost and hire carpet cleaning professionals

How to prepare for a professional carpet cleaning?

To get the best results from the cleaning service, you’ll have some tasks to do before starting the project. First, vacuum your home to shake loose dirt and debris particles. Then, remove all fragile items (such as art, antique pieces, delicate furniture, etc.) and small items. Also, you’ll need to remove any floor-length drapes and curtains and secure them to the window. If you have pets, make sure they won’t have access to the areas which are being cleaned or leave them with friends or family for the day.

Keeping your home organized

We would all agree that an organized home makes everyone’s job easier and makes your whole life more enjoyable. There is a well-known and proven correlation between keeping your home organized and feeling productive and “in control” of your life. Nowadays, we all have a fast pace of life, and it’s hard to find enough time for everything that we’d like to do, see, and experience. Since everyone’s day consists of only 24 hours, make sure you make the best out of your time. One way of doing so is to avoid DIY carpet cleaning and let professionals do their job.

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Save time

Professional carpet cleaning service does cost more than renting equipment, but it saves you a ton of time and gives the best results, which is why you should avoid DIY carpet cleaning at any cost. The pros can finish the entire job in just 2 hours. Top-quality equipment treatment will let your carpets dry quickly, and your furniture will be back in place in no time. Enjoy the freshness of your home and softness of your carpets as they’re brand new.