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ALL CLEAN!, LLC vs. The Rug Doctor

We understand that some homeowners may decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine such as the Rug Doctor instead of hiring a professional. Maybe they’ve been disappointed with the results they’ve received in the past from a professional carpet cleaner. Or, perhaps they may feel they can do just as good a job on their own with a Rug Doctor. Regretfully, it’s very common that they end up damaging their carpet by leaving way too much dirt-attracting soap behind due to an inadequate rinsing process.

These machines often leave your carpet too wet, sometimes causing your carpet to buckle or even on rare occasions, delaminate. Homeowners may not realize how much time and money they’ll have to spend when renting a machine. The fact is, store-bought machines and box store rentals only pull a fraction of the dirt compared to a professional carpet cleaning system. And, the savings (if any) is minimal.


How Well Do Rug Doctors Clean Carpet?

It is true that if you rent a Rug Doctor from a big box store, you will pull dirt out of your carpet. The problem with rental and store-bought machines such as the Rug Doctor and Bissel is that you’ll still be leaving lots of soap and dirt in your carpet when you’re done. The amount of water used in a Rug Depiction of a Rug DoctorDoctor is minuscule compared to what is used in a professional truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. But since the suction power is very small as well, much of the dirty water and soap will be left in your carpet.

Consider how much cleaner your carpets would be if a much larger volume of water and suction power were to flush away all that dirt, soap, and bacteria. Water flowing through your carpet fibers until the water runs clean is your best-case scenario.

That’s what happens with our high-powered truck-mounted system. We remove those unwanted substances found deep within your carpet fibers.  Our water pressure is about ten times that of a tiny Rug Doctor machine. The suction power of our truck-mount is incredibly intense at 400 cubic feet per minute.  The comparison is night and day. We promise that you’ll see the difference. We guarantee it!

Rug Doctor vs. Truck-mount Specifications

Firstly, when referring to carpet cleaning equipment, the 3 most important factors that will determine how clean your carpets turn out are:

1) How hot is the water temperature?
– The hotter the water the easier the dirt will release from your carpets.

2) How high is the water pressure?
– The higher the pressure, the greater the water permeation into your carpet fibers.

3) How much suction power will be used to pull out the dirty water?
– The greater the suction power the more dirty water will be pulled out of your carpet.

Here are the specifications for the Rug Doctor:
Temperature: 130 avg. temp. from faucet which will go down as you clean.
Pressure: 32 psi. max.
Suction / Water Lift: 101″

Here is the website for my van powered truck-mount:
Temperature: 220 degrees F. which will remain constant throughout the cleaning
Pressure:  300 psi.  –  Any more for carpet would be overkill.
Suction / Water Lift:  175″ at 400 CFM

So, I’m sure you can see from these numbers why your carpets will be much cleaner with a truck-mounted system then with rental machine such as the Rug Doctor.

Carpet Manufacturers Recommend Hiring a Professional vs. Doing It Yourself

All the major carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction because it removes more dirt than any other method and it doesn’t damage the carpet fibers. Hot Water Extraction (otherwise known as “Steam Cleaning”) flushes out dirt and debris from deep within carpet fibers.

SHAW INDUSTRIES, the leading manufacturer of residential carpet states on their website that “Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning.” and Professional carpet cleaners are a great choice for your floor. Their cleaning equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals, and the carpet should dry more quickly.”   Mohawk recommends: “Keeping traffic and other use factors in mind, consider professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months.”


The equipment that ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses far surpasses the cleaning abilities of any store-bought or rental cleaning machine such as the Rug Doctor. We achieve this with our state-of-the-art truck-mounted system along with our omnidirectional multi-pass power wand. As mentioned earlier, we have higher heat, higher water pressure, and much greater suction power. Plus, our system generates approximately 50 cleaning passes vs. the one-pass cleaning system provided by a Rug Doctor rental Machine.

Hire us and your carpets will be exceptionally clean and dry within hours, not days.  You won’t receive a more thorough carpet cleaning by anyone, anywhere. We guarantee it!

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