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ALL CLEAN!, LLC vs. Stanley Steemer

A little history first… Back in 2004, I had considered becoming part of the Stanley Steemer Franchise. I received all their literature and read it over carefully. After much consideration, I decided to invest instead in better equipment and better chemicals, knowing that I’d be starting from scratch as an unknown carpet cleaner. My goal was, and still is – quality over quantity. I have no regrets at all in making that decision because I know that I’m providing all my customers with a far superior carpet cleaning experience than I would had I joined Stanley. You see, operating within a franchise system often restricts the proprietor’s choices regarding equipment and chemical products. For instance, if the franchise says to use a soap-based pre-spray, that’s what I’d have to use. If the franchise says to use outdated equipment, that’s what I’d be using, knowing there’s much better out there. I invite you to read further to see how ALL CLEAN!, LLC stacks up against Stanley Steemer and why I chose to be an independent carpet cleaner instead of being part of a large franchise.

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The RotoVac Power Wand

ALL CLEAN!, LLC uses the 360i power wand. This wand provides our customers with approximately 50 cleaning passes and 100 drying passes for every area cleaned. In other words, your carpet will be cleaned 50 times instead of just once.  (This is a HUGE difference from the Old-Style Manual Wand that Stanley Steemer uses. Additionally, this cleaning is done omni-directionally (addressing the carpet fibers from many angles) instead of just one. We guarantee a deep-down thorough carpet cleaning EVERY time!


Old-Style Manual Wand

The technician below is using an Old-Style manual carpet cleaning wand. This is the same type of wand that carpet cleaners like Stanley Steemer have used for decades. In most situations, this “push-pull” manual wand will provide their customers with just one cleaning pass and 2 drying passes per any given area. This cleaning is almost always done in just one direction. Your carpets won’t be nearly as clean had they been cleaned with ALL CLEAN!’s 360i Multi-pass Power Wand, guaranteed!

steam cleaning carpet with the rotovac power wand
Stanley Steemer Representation

ALL CLEAN’s RotoVac Power Wand

The RotoVac Power Wand is a relatively new innovation that makes the old cleaning method almost obsolete.

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Example of Stanley Steemer’s Manual Wand

This is an example of the type of wand that Stanley Steemer and most other steam cleaning companies use to clean carpets.

Manual Wand2

Watch ALL CLEAN!’s Video

This is a video of ALL CLEAN!, LLC cleaning one of our customer’s carpets. You can see a “Night & Day” difference with the use of ALL CLEAN’s 360i Power Wand.

Now Compare to Stanley Steemer’s Video

You’ll notice some difference, but not much when Stanley Steemer uses their outdated manual wand. Their “Wow!!!” isn’t so impressive if you ask me.


What They Say About
ALL CLEAN!, LLC vs. Stanley Steemer

Wow! They Look Great! 

Hi, Joe –

We wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with your service!  Our carpets are older, but we aren’t ready to replace them.  Wow!  They look great!  Your son, Aaron, was very efficient, focused and friendly. The stairway looks new, and all the coffee stains are gone.  Our furniture is back to its original grey color without any tinge of brown in it whatsoever.  We had forgotten how it was supposed to be!

We are happy to support a family-owned business, especially one who takes pride in their work.  In the past we had used Stanley Steamer, and the carpet look virtually untouched. NOT what we experienced with All Clean!

Thank you so much for your stellar service.   I wanted you to know we will recommend your company to everyone!   Have a great summer!

Maryellen & Mark V.
Doylestown, PA

Better than Stanley Steemer

After reading the reviews of several companies even ones in my backyard, that’s how I chose you even though your up in Quakertown. We were ready to get new kitchen carpet but decided what the hell try and get them cleaned by someone other than myself or Stanley Steemer who we used in the past before ordering new carpet. I am so glad I did. The carpets looks amazing, all of them!

Andrea P.
Warrington, PA

Cleaner than Stanley Steemer

Joe was very courteous & cared about a job well done (rare to see these days). My carpets ended up much cleaner than when I had Stanley Steemer at the house over a year ago! On time too! I LOVE on time!

Lida S.
Quakertown, PA

Stanley Steamer Wasn’t as Good

We were looking for a carpet & tile cleaner for my Mom’s house for prospective buyers/renters. I thought the living room was going to be replaced but All Clean restored it to looking nearly new. Stanley Steamer cleaned the carpet about 3 years ago and it didn’t look any better so I was shocked to see All Clean’s results. They also did an excellent job on the kitchen floor tile.

Sarah R.
Quakertown, PA

Removed Dirt Stanley Steemer Left Behind

Carpets look brand new. Technician showed me before/after comparison demonstrating all of the dirt that Stanley Steemer had left behind… Looking forward to being rid of the perfumes left by Stanley Steemer that husband and dog were allergic to. ALL CLEAN! used hypoallergenic formula.

Denise E.
Havertown, PA

Why Choose ALL CLEAN!, LLC? Experience the Difference in Quality Carpet Cleaning!

After comparing ALL CLEAN!, LLC with Stanley Steemer, it's clear that our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart. We've invested in cutting-edge equipment like the RotoVac 360i power wand, which provides a much more thorough cleaning than traditional methods. Our customers consistently report better results compared to their experiences with Stanley Steemer, noting cleaner carpets and improved overall satisfaction. As an independent business, we have the flexibility to choose the best equipment and chemicals, allowing us to deliver superior service tailored to your needs. When you choose ALL CLEAN!, LLC, you're not just getting a cleaner carpet – you're getting the cleanest carpet possible, backed by our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality results.

Carpet cleaning franchise companies who still use the old-style steam cleaning method:
Stanley Steemer, Bane-Clene, and Coit

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