Summer is already here, and we need to think of ways to protect our home. All the hard work and investments you made when renovating now must be carefully maintained for long-term results. Summer is when we spend more time outside, go in and out of the home, and bringing water and dirt inside. That’s why your beautiful floors need to be carefully protected. Luckily, we’ve got some valuable advice for you. Here are the top summer maintenance tips for hardwood flooring.

The main problems of hardwood flooring

Most people don’t think about the issues that can occur with their flooring of choice. That’s why we’ll start with recognizing the main damage types that often come with summertime. These include:

  • fading/bleaching– floors lose their initial color and start to look worn-out;
  • scratches – physical damage can happen all year long, but it’s still worth mentioning;
  • stains– spillage of certain liquids can create permanent stains on your hardwood flooring;
  • swelling/expandingis also a common problem, which happens during hot and very humid summers. This can lead to cracks and additional damage.

Now, when faced with all the potential damage to your beautiful floors, you need to find a way to protect them. Continue reading to find out how to do this.

How to protect floors during summer – best summer maintenance tips for hardwood flooring

To ensure your hardwood floors remain perfect during the hot season, you must first evaluate your situation. Depending on your area’s climate, you will need to focus on some solutions more than others. If you’ve just moved to Philadelphia, talk to the locals about the summer season there. This will help you notice the most problematic aspects and focus on the right solutions.

Protect your floors from humidity

Summers can be pretty hot and humid in some areas, and Philadelphia is undoubtedly one of them. This can cause damage to your hardwood floors as they can start expanding, bending, and cracking. That’s why it’s essential to keep the humidity in your home low – ideally around 40%. Luckily, simple and inexpensive instruments can measure humidity inside your home and help you react as soon as possible. These include a good-quality air conditioner or dehumidifier. Depending on the size of your home and floors covered with hardwood, you might need more than one dehumidifier.

Sunlight can be harmful to hardwood floors

Everyone wants a home with a lot of natural light. It makes the house look bigger and our health better. However, direct sunlight during hot summers can be a threat to your floors. It can cause it to fade and lose its shade very quickly, as UV/infrared light is not only harmful to our skin. After prolonged exposure to harsh rays of sunshine, you will end up with brand new floors that look pretty old. To prevent that kind of damage, you need to be careful during the hottest parts of summer days. Consider getting some thicker drapes or curtains for your windows, and invest in blinds or shutters. However, carpets will do the work if you don’t want to block all the natural light from entering your home. Place them next to problematic windows to ensure maximum protection for your floors. Don’t forget to clean them properly, as dust can get into the floor cracks and damage them.

Sunlight on hardwood flooring

Bonus tip:  Start thinking about your floors even before you move in. You can plan the layout of the furniture in your new penthouse even before the moving day. Make it feel like home, but also ensure the floors are protected from sunlight with proper furniture placement.

 Beach day safety

During summer, many families go on beach getaways on weekends. However, once they come back, they bring some of the sand and moisture back into the house. Even though it seems harmless, sand can scratch your floors a lot, and once you notice the damage – it will be too late. Be sure to clean everybody’s shoes and feet before entering the house, and there you have it – problem solved!

A toddler crawling on hardwood flooring

Proper cleaning and protection

We can’t share summer maintenance tips for hardwood flooring without talking about prevention and cleaning. Proper cleaning techniques and regular maintenance will ensure your floors stay shiny for as long as possible. If you’re not sure how to do it correctly, it’s always best to hire professionals to do that for you. Professional cleaners can also recommend the best flooring protection products, so you can be sure you’re giving them the best care.

Scratches are possible to avoid

The main challenge during moving is to ensure no walls or floors are damaged while heavy pieces of furniture are being carried in. Be sure to hire professionals to do the work, rather than risking the safety of your items by struggling with a DIY move. Moving teams such as those at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia know proper moving techniques and ensure the safest relocations. Working with reliable professionals will minimize the chances of your floors getting scratched and permanently damaged.

A living room

Deal with stains and leaks immediately

We have arrived to the last one of our summer maintenance tips for hardwood flooring. Summer is the time when kids run around a lot, have cold drinks, and play water games. If any accidents happen, make sure to deal with them as soon as possible. It’s best to have a mop or a cloth at hand at all times. Also, be sure to get a cleaner appropriate for your type of floor. This will help you deal with accidents properly, minimizing the risk of permanent stains or other types of damage. By following our tips, you will have spotless floors for a very long time!