In the 21st century, it is a prerogative to think about the environment and nature. Recycling, reusing, going digital, or using natural cleaning products are just some of the ways you can go green. In this article, we will focus on green cleaningIf you decide to start using environmentally safe products, your life will improve in many ways. Not just that you’ll be helping the environment, you will be doing yourself a favor, too. Cleaner means healthier, and using natural cleaning products in your new home only has more health benefits. On top of that, there are plenty more advantages which we’re going to talk about in this article. So, let’s dive right in!

Starting green in your new home

Looking for a new place and moving can be quite stressful. On top of that, budget issues always seem to come up – no matter how much you try, costs you didn’t expect somehow appear

Closed for cleaning sign on a white wooden board

And not just that – a post-relocation clean-up is the next task waiting for you. However, even though this is not something many people look forward to, try to see it as a chance to start fresh and switch to green cleaning. There are so many advantages and reasons to go green that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing this sooner. Below you can find just some of them!

Save money

You are wrong if you think that eco-friendly cleaning products are more expensive. That might have been the case before, but they have actually gotten cheaper with higher demand and more options.

On top of that, there are many recipes you can find online and make your own cleaning products. You can use things you probably already have at home, such as vinegar, washing soda, or baking soda.

Natural cleaning products are environmentally friendly

As we mentioned already, this is the most obvious benefit of switching to natural cleaning products. By using them, you actually contribute to air and water quality. They are made of biodegradable and non-toxic substances and, therefore, can’t cause environmental damage. On top of this, they often save resources as packages are made out of recycled materials.

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If you are, by any chance, reading this before your moving day, consider hiring eco-friendly movers in addition to opting for green cleaning. Databases such as can help you find a moving company that suits all of your needs. You can even ask for a free quote if you are worried about your budget. 

Cruelty-free products

One of the most important things when it comes to natural cleaning products is that they are not tested on animals. You can mop away knowing that no animal has suffered so that you could have a clean home. The very positive thing is that more companies are becoming ethical, and you have different options to choose from.

Health benefits from using natural cleaning products

Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies is much healthier than using traditional, toxic ones. This is probably one of the most important reasons why you should at least consider switching to them. 

They are skin-friendly

Many regular cleaning products can cause skin irritation. Even if they don’t, they can make your skin super dry. It’s essential to remember that skin is our largest organ, and it can absorb harmful chemicals easily.

When you switch to natural products, this risk goes away as they are made of skin-friendly ingredients. For example, many contain glycerin – it is great for cleaning grease, but it is also known for its skin-softening properties.

Two bottles of homemade natural cleaning products

They contain fewer allergens

Cleaning products we use every day are known to contain allergens and irritants. Here are some of them:


  • Bleach and dyes
  • Ammonia, chlorine, sulfates, and formaldehyde 
  • Soy and gluten
  • Perfumes & synthetic fragrances
  • Caustics 


One of the most significant advantages of natural products is that they are hypo-allergenic, which means they don’t contain any of the ingredients and chemicals listed above. This makes them safe for you or your family members struggling with allergies. Using eco-friendly cleaners is one of the easiest ways to make your home a no-allergy zone.

They decrease the risk of respiratory issues

When breathing in the remnants of a standard spray cleaner, you are increasing the risk of asthma. If you already have asthma or allergies, you risk developing more serious respiratory issues. 


Natural cleaning products usually use the power of plants and don’t contain as many chemicals. By using them, you are making sure you and your family are breathing cleaner and healthier air

They use less antibacterial ingredients

This may sound strange, but it is actually true – you can develop bacterial resistance. What does this mean? If you are exposed and overusing antibacterial cleaning products, you can become resistant to antibiotics. Also, some antibacterials, for example, triclosan, can cause issues with hormones and your thyroid. 


When using natural products, you are protected from these risks. 

Become a role model for your friends and neighbors

There are many more reasons why you should start using natural cleaning products. The best part is, they only have benefits and no downsides. We’re confident that now that you know all of the reasons, you will go green in your new home (or anywhere else, for that matter). Remember, if we all take small steps and go green, we’ll be doing a lot to help our planet!