If you have pets and children, your furniture probably has stains, rips, tears, odors, etc. To put it simply – your furniture has seen its better days. But, instead of throwing away your furniture, consider cleaning its upholstery first. Believe it or not, with some proper cleaning techniques and products, your furniture will look as good as new once you are finished with it. And the best part is – you can do all the cleaning in the comfort of your home if, of course, you cannot afford to have everything professionally cleaned. Thus, if this is something that may interest you, keep on reading. Here are some tips and tricks to make your upholstery look new again.

First, Choose the Right Fabrics!

This ship has sailed, right? Well, probably! That is why you are reading this article now, trying to find the best deep cleaning tips for cleaning your already bought (and stained) upholstery. Do not worry – we will get to that soon. But, just in case there is somebody who is still in search of the best possible sofa, let us give you some upfront advice! If you want cleaning to be a piece of cake, stay away from natural materials like cotton or linen. Instead, opt for some synthetic materials. Cleaning synthetic upholstery is so much easier, faster, and cheaper than cleaning the one made from natural materials.

Moreover, when buying your upholstered furniture, do not forget to buy something that will protect it from stains and odors from day one. For example, you can buy a waterproof spray. But, be sure to buy the one made specifically for your type of upholstery! Doing all of this in advance will prolong the life of your furniture and save it from many unnecessary stains in years to come.

A mop on wooden floors.

Think about your upholstery in advance and you will save it from stains and odors! 

Regular Cleaning Will Make Your Upholstery Look New Again!

Your upholstery is in constant contact with dust and dirt. Especially the places where you rest your hands and head. Or, if you have children or pets, all the places. So, it goes without saying that regular cleaning is a must. For example, you can vacuum your upholstery once or twice a week. Or for even better results, you can steam clean it. The latter option is great not only for keeping your upholstery clean and fresh but also for killing all the germs and bacteria.

It would also be a good idea to buy a specialized cleaning solution that will be ‘on hand’ whenever there is an accident. We have all made those kinds of accidents once or twice, right? Spilling coffee or juice on the sofa is nothing new. So, when this happens you need to react quickly – the sooner you start cleaning the better the stain will come out. If, however, you do not have a specialized cleaning solution, do not worry, you can make one. Simply mix equal parts of alcohol, white vinegar and water, and spray it where needed. You can use this mixture if you want to make your entire home spotless, as it can be easily applied to any type of fabric or material!

Rotate the Cushions From Time to Time

Furniture that has cushions that can be flipped and rotated is the best kind of furniture! So, have that in mind the next time you go furniture shopping. This is important not only for giving your upholstery a second chance (as you can hide the stain or tear just by flipping the cushion) but also to avoid ‘tear and wear’. Yes, furniture too can become saggy with years. Thus, if you want to prolong its longevity, make sure to flip and rotate those cushions from time to time, not only when there is a stain or something you cannot clean. Flipping your cushions regularly will also make each side fade evenly!

A woman carrying boxes.

Flipping the cushions can make your upholstery look new again. Alt.tag: A sofa.

Store the Items You Are Not Using Properly

There are many reasons why one would decide to store a piece of furniture. Because remodeling or renovating is taking place. Because moving house is taking place. Or, simply because you have many pieces of furniture and you want to change the look of your living room from time to time, for example. Some furniture pieces can be stored in basements, attics, and garages, but fragile, sensitive, and luxury pieces cannot. If you want your luxury pieces stored with care and stored safely, you must store them in a proper storage facility.

But, that is not everything! Besides finding the best storage facility nearby, you must also make sure you know how each item should be stored. Talk to the owner of that storage facility or google some advice on cleaning and organizing your storage unit and all the items inside. Do your homework before you relocate your furniture and you will save it from stains, rips, and odors.

Eliminate the Smells and Refresh Your Upholstery!

The only thing worse than dirty upholstery is smelly upholstery. Nobody wants to sit in a chair that smells funny. So, if you are trying to make your upholstery look new again, make sure you make it smell like new again as well. How to do that at home? Well, the easiest thing you can do is sprinkle some baking soda all over your upholstery and leave it overnight. Then, just vacuum it in the morning. That will probably make your upholstery odor-free. This tip is also great for cleaning your carpets and removing their smells! But, if that odor is persistent, try wiping the upholstery with the previously mentioned DIY cleaning mixture (alcohol, white vinegar, and water) or steam cleaning it.