Although tidying up and cleaning is something we often do in our homes, we tend to neglect some other areas that need our attention in this department as well. Be that as it may, it’s smart to tend to these areas from time to time. This way, you won’t have to deal with bigger messes than you should. With that in mind, we will explore some simple yet effective tips for cleaning and organizing your storage unit.

First things first

Something to seriously consider when thinking about organizing and cleaning your storage unit is to plan the whole thing out. And not just that. Try to make a detailed outline of what your expectations are. Your budget and time management should be the first things to think about.

Whether it’s been a while since you’ve last cleaned and organized your storage unit and it needs a deep cleaning or you need to refresh the space a bit, this is a step you don’t want to miss. Once you’ve gone through the whole ordeal, you’ll have much better chances of successfully finishing this task.

Focus on your priorities when cleaning and organizing your storage unit

Something else that will hugely affect the final outcome of your storage unit is prioritizing. We can sometimes lose track of what’s important and focus more energy on things that don’t really matter. This is why it’s crucial to follow your detailed guide step by step.

When it comes to keeping your storage unit clean, this entails starting by cleaning your tiles and floors and only then moving your way down your list of priorities.

A mop on wooden floors.

Cleaning and organizing a storage unit should be done thoroughly and in the right order.

Be thorough

Another thing that will save your time, later on, is being thorough when tending to the cleanliness and organization of your storage unit. This means taking the time and really dedicating your attention to this process so that you’ll later be sure you’ve done a good job.

Need help?

There are things that you simply cannot do on your own. Areas like carpets or furniture are a bit tougher to clean properly without help. When it comes to rug cleaning, it might be a good idea to hire someone that’s more qualified. This is also a good option if you plan on storing some rugs, as they will stay in good shape for longer if they are clean.

Possible problems to look out for

There are, of course, some possible hardships that you’ll stumble upon along the way. These aren’t things that should necessarily worry you. Nonetheless, knowing about some common mistakes and problems that occur more often than not might help you avoid them.

A woman carrying boxes.

Too many things

Seeing how we live in a time where all of us own more things than necessary, this is a common problem, especially when it comes to our storage units. The solution to this problem lies in four possible outcomes:

  • Moving
    Relocating your belongings to another storage unit or anywhere else while cleaning and organizing it is definitely a viable option of dealing with too many things. You can visit com to find quality storage providers in your area.
  • Donating
    You might find some things that you put away in your unit and completely forgot about them. Donating to someone in need should be your first option if you can’t find another use for them.
  • Selling
    If you, however, need to earn some money, this might be a good way to do it. There are plenty of sites out there that you can use to sell or auction off the items that you no longer want.
  • Throwing away
    Make sure that getting rid of your belongings really is the last resort. It would be a shame to throw away something that someone could make use of.

Not enough space

Not having enough space to store the items that you want to keep is quite common as well. If the storage unit that you’re cleaning and organizing is smaller than preferred, there are some things you can do:

  1. Hang some items on walls.
  2. Install removable shelves.
  3. Use vacuum bags for your clothes and fabrics.

Label your items

A little side note when organizing a storage unit is to always label your things. This way, it’ll be much easier to find and reassemble them when needed.

The current pandemic situation

Seeing the circumstances that we’re in regarding the coronavirus pandemic, we must think about staying as safe as possible. This firstly means putting off anything that you can for a while, if you don’t feel as if you’ll be able to honor all the precautions.

Be sure that you’re cleaning everything more thoroughly than you would have and that you’re staying safe by wearing a mask and gloves. Although this sounds tiring, it’ll all be worth it.

A face mask that you need to wear when cleaning and tidying your storage unit.

Given the current situation, think about staying safe and protected at all times.


Tricks that will make all the difference when cleaning and organizing your storage unit

  • Try not to focus on aesthetics.
  • Only invest in those tools that you’ll be able to reuse later.
  • Be careful when renting out a storage unit, and choose wisely.

Rinse and repeat

After completing all your plans for cleaning and organizing your storage unit, make sure that you have everything written down. After all, you’ll surely be doing this again. Try to maintain your storage unit from time to time, as it will help significantly later on. It’s much easier to keep your storage room clean than to have to clean it thoroughly all over again.