Selling your home means putting in a little extra work where cleaning is concerned. Having a well-cared-for space is paramount to holding your potential buyers’ attention as soon as they walk through the door. And if your home is full of carpet, it pays to bring in a professional to get the job done right. As a leader in the industry, the experts at ALL CLEAN!, LLC note that carpet cleaning is a small price to pay for a spruced-up space. Here’s why.


It looks better.


No one can argue that a clean, stain-free carpet is more pleasing to the eye than one that looks worse for wear. A professional cleaning may even give the impression that the home is newer than it really is. And when you get ready to clean and declutter for real estate photos and showings, your floors will draw attention for better or worse.


Having a clean home and carpet not only looks better in real estate photos and for tours, but those buyers who opt to stick with a virtual inspection will also have plenty of time to scrutinize every nook and cranny, carpet stains included. Deep cleaning is just one of the crucial home-selling tips advocated by lending agency Turnkey Home Loans.


It smells better.


Our nose is a remarkable device. It can get used to and block out odors in our own homes, provided they don’t cause us any harm. However, if you’ve ever walked into someone else’s house, particularly if they have pets and you do not, that adaptable sense of smell may be more of a curse than a blessing. This holds true for your buyers as well.


When a realtor shows your property, they expect it will be neutral to pleasantly scented. Pet odor removal services can quickly, effectively, and permanently extract the smell of urine and other olfactory offenders left behind by your furry friend.


It’s better for your (and your buyer’s) health.


Mayo Clinic explains, “Carpeting can be a reservoir for allergy-causing substances (allergens) that trigger asthma.” Because of this, ensuring that your carpet is professionally cleaned before a potentially-sensitive visitor comes into your home will make their time there a more pleasant experience. And, if you intend to live in the house while it is on the market, you will breathe easier knowing that things like dust, dander, cockroach allergens, pollution, dust mites, and mold spores aren’t jumping up into the air every time your foot hits the floor.


It makes your home move-in ready.


Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning the carpets before moving their furniture into a new home. If you’ve priced well and are targeting investors, these money-savvy entrepreneurs will also want a property that is as turnkey as possible. This means that it’s ready to produce an income; a house with a filthy carpet full of unpleasant odors is not. Having a clean carpet, even if it is older, will make buyers feel better. And if it is clean and in good shape, that is one less expense they will have to incur before signing the closing deed.


A deep carpet cleaning is an inexpensive, convenient, and effective way to boost the desirability of your home. Coupled with cleaning well and removing as much clutter as possible, your stain-free carpet may help you outshine the competition. Don’t let a small investment get in the way of your home sale or leave you negotiating for a lower price.


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